Some of the most interesting programs and other software items for biblical studies are included here. I have no financial or other connections with the companies mentioned here, but I include them since they surely have proved their value to many scholars.


  1. NotaBene Wordprocessor, one of the best, though still only available as a DOS version. Windows version is promised in 1996.
  2. Citation; a bibliographic program for Windows.
  3. Computereinsatz in der Exegese:Multilinguale Textverarbeitung, von Franz Böhmisch. ©
  4. Perseus Project Home Page: Extensive information about the Perseus Project, including info about Perseus mailing list, and how to order Perseus. Have a look!
  5. TactWeb: TACTweb connects TACT to the World Wide Web -- making a TACT TDB database accessible to the entire WWW community. By using WWW forms users get access to some of the interactive services that TACT provides them -- but without requiring them to use TACT itself, or have a copy of your TACT database on their own machine.
  6. GRAMCORD Institute's Homepage. "The GRAMCORD Institute -- The non-profit GRAMCORD Institute conducts and supports the computer-assisted study of Biblical and cognate languages. Well known in the academic community for its syntactical and exegetical research, the Institute also publishes Biblical text programs for Windows, DOS, and Macintosh. Website includes Institute news and FAQ's plus the archives of the scholarly B-Greek and B-Hebrew forums."
  7. Kabbalah Software in Israel This company provides programs and other software items related to Judaism and biblical studies.
  8. Logos Research Systems Logos Research Systems is the maker of, inter alia, the Logos 2.0 CDWord Library, Logos Bible Atlas, the Dead Sea Scrolls revealed and several other programs.
  9. The Bible Windows by The Silver Mountain Software may be used as a basic package, or with several moduls. A full program bundle contains the AGNT, BHS,LXX, Vulgate, KJV,RSV, NRSV, Louw-Nida Lexicon, Liddell & Scott Lexicon and the Biblical Studies Scripture index. Available as regular progam package for installation on your PC, or on CD. Silver Mountain Software are also the makers of TLG Workplace, a program for searching the Thesaurus Linguae Grecae CD.
  10. WinBible Software for Windows 95
  11. The BibleWorks for Windows Home page! from Hermeneutika.
  12. Parsons Technology, the producer of, inter alia, QuickVerse.
  13. Davka Corporation
  14. Gamma Productions Gamma - the supplier of Unicode™ based Internet enabled ActiveX™ component technology for Microsoft Windows™, Mac OS, and Unix environments.
  15. MUSAIOS: Software for TLG and PHI CD-ROMs
  16. Introduction to Attic Greek: An Electronic Workbook ; only Macintosh machines.
  17. The SAGE Digital Library
  18. Epiphany Software; Bible Explorer; " A Complete Bible Reference Library."
  19. If you did not find what you wanted above, you might try the following references, pointing to pages especially related to computer software and biblical analysis:

  20. Christian Software catalog
  21. Bible Analysis and Related Software. Pages compiled by Harry Hahne; include both references to software companies, and evaluations of some programs.
  22. Theology/Computing (University of Durham) Some more info on software etc for theologians.