Papyrological info

  1. Papyrological Resources in Perseus ; The Perseus Project is pleased to host the WWW version of the Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri (DDBDP), an electronic edition of nearly 500 papyrus volumes.
  2. The Saskatoon Repository of The International Papyrological Photographic Archive, compiled by Lewis Stiles, University of Saskatchewan.
  3. Papyrology info : Some service pages for professional papyrologists as well as other interested people.
  4. Duke Papyrus ArchiveThe papyrus home page of the Special Collections Library at Duke University.
  5. Archive of Papers and Watermarks in Greek manuscripts. I include this here as it may be of interest to some even though it is most related to studies in Patristics. It is connected to the The Mount Athos Greek Manuscripts Catalog: The Philotheou Monastery Project, © Robert W. Allison, Bates College, Lewiston, Maine, U.S.A. and The Patriarchal Institute for Patristic Studies, Thessaloniki, Greece.
  6. Scriptorium; Center for Christian Antiquities
  7. Un papiro revolucionario: 7Q5 ; Entrevista al experto papirólogo español P. José O'Callaghan, S.J. sobre un pequeño fragmento de papiro hallado en las cuevas de Qumrán, datado a más tardar como del año 50 d.C. correspondiente al Evangelio de Marcos.


  1. Akkadian language (Babylonian and Assyrian cuneiform texts)
  2. Egypt Thesaurus
  3. Egyptian Glyph for Windows
  4. Hebrew: A Living Language
  5. Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web
  6. Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon
  7. Middle Egyptian Grammar
  8. Tzvee's Hebrew Software
  9. Williamette Languages Page

    Linguistics resources
    1. B-Greek Home Page B-Greek is an electronic conference designed to foster communication concerning the scholarly study of the Greek Bible. Anyone interested in studying the Greek New Testament text is invited to subscribe, but the list will assume at least a working knowledge of Biblical Greek. The archives can be found here.
    2. The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism. Conceived by Rich Elliot of Simon Greenleaf University. The Encyclopedia attempts to cover all aspects of New Testament Textual Criticism in an orderly and fair fashion.
    3. A simple introduction to Learning New Testament Greek ; A simple primer of New testament Greek. Go here for the framebased version.
    4. Online Hellenistic Greek Grammar A promising Project, but still in its early stages.
    5. Introduction to Attic Greek: An Electronic Workbook ; only Macintosh machines.
    6. Morphological Analysis, from the Perseus database.
    7. Frequencies of Greek Words, also from the Perseus 2.0 database
    8. Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web.The main focus of this web is on the process used to study the ancient manuscripts upon which the New Testament is based. While the language discussed is Greek, almost everything is explained with transliterations into English and, where applicable, translations from standard English Bibles.
    9. Thesaurus Lingua Graecae: The TLG data bank now contains virtually all ancient Greek texts surviving from the period between Homer (8th century B.C.E.) and 600 C.E., plus historiographical, lexicographical, and scholiastic texts deriving from the period between 600 and 1453. To get more information, click here to got to the Thesaurus Gopher.
    10. The Electronic New Testament Manuscripts Project, info page by James K. Tauber.
    11. Hellenistic Greek Linguistics. A page written by James K. Tauber containing info about Reference Grammar Project, Greek-Grammar mailing list, Electronic Archive of papers, Bibliographies, and CCAT 's tagged Greek New Testament
    12. Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database: A project that will concentrate on the language of all texts in Ancient Hebrew: the Hebrew Bible, the Ancient Hebrew inscriptions, the Hebrew text of Ben Sira and the Hebrew Qumran texts.
    13. Biblical Institute of Fribourg University, including reference to the the new edition of the Biblia Hebraica, iconography and the Bible, the corpus of stamp seals from Israel/Palestine (Neolithic to Persian period), and "Orte und Landschaften der Bibel."
    14. TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism; check this announcement.
    15. A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with examples.
    16. Rhetoric and Composition: This Web page is intended to list a variety of resources useful to rhetoricians.